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The Gambia is the perfect destination for fisherman who would like to catch a variety of different species. We offer several types of fishing trips. You can fish the Atlantic Ocean or take a trip down river through the mangroves. You will be accompanied by experienced members of our team who have been fishing here in The Gambia throughout their life’s. They will be happy to take you to the best fishing spots, share local fishing tips and show you skills so you don’t have to lose bites.

Paradise Fishing Gambia is a well-known established company in West Gambia this has been noticed due to our high standards in quality, safety and service level. Besides this we are also fully licensed & insured.

Our fishing trips:

Our trips are always included: a experienced captain/deckhand, safe boat and engines, fishing gear, bait and mineral water.

We highly recommend you to bring the following items during a fishing trip: covering clothes, a cap, sunglasses, towel and a good mood!

If you have any questions, requests or if you want to book a fishing trip, do not hesitate and please contact us!

(Note: please always contact us directly and only use the contact details which are shown on our website to avoid scamming. Unfortunately it happens (especially on the spot) that people are saying they are related, in any kind of way, to Paradise Fishing Gambia while they are not.)

Grouper & Cassava
PFG barracuda record // 184 cm & 24 kg (caught on the 13th of January 2022)