The Gambia


The Gambia, officially Republic of The Gambia, is situated in West-Africa. This country is surrounded by Senegal and the Atlantic Ocean. The Gambia counts 2 million inhabitants and is one of the most populated countries of the continent. The official language is English.

A flight to The Gambia from England is 6 hours. Most of the tourist areas are 20 till 40 minutes away from the international airport (BJL). The Gambia is most populair during wintertime.

Paradise Fishing Gambia recommend you to contact your doctor for vaccinations and malaria tablets.

Fishing holiday in The Gambia

The Gambia is an excellent destination for a fishing holiday. It’s a relative cheap destination and the fly time is not too long.

Year-round you can catch a variety of (tropical) fish species from all sizes. During the winter fishing is excellent on the river and sea. During the summer fishing is excellent on the blue water.